24 Mar 2020

What to consider when requesting a sticker or label printing quote

When contacting any company for a sticker or label printing quote, it can be helpful to plan out exactly what you’re looking for.

That not only helps you to make a clearer decision, but it also makes the quote even faster as all of the information is there to give you a price.

However, in some cases, you may be unsure what you’re looking for and would like advice. No problem! In that case, drafting up a list of questions can be very beneficial too.

Here are some of the most important points to consider when requesting your sticker or label printing quote:

The purpose of your stickers or labels

Firstly, what are your stickers or labels going to be used for? And how might that purpose influence what you need?

Here are some useful examples:

  • If you’re ordering promotional stickers, will they be used indoors, outdoors or both? If they’ll be used outdoors, then you’d need to go with a waterproof material such as polypropylene vinyl.
  • If you’re ordering window stickers, will they be applied temporarily or permanently for long-term use? If they’re temporary, low tack adhesive may be better so they can be easily peeled off.
  • If you’re ordering labels for products, what kind of environment will they be subjected to? Will they come into contact with liquids and therefore require a waterproof material? Will they experience scratches or abrasion where lamination may be beneficial for extra durability?

Ultimately though, you don’t need to worry about what materials and processes. Instead, it’s best to clearly explain the purpose (i.e. how they will be used) where we can recommend specific properties if required.

The type

Here at Sticker Printing Direct, we sell these main sticker and label formats:

  • Standard – Printing on opaque polypropylene vinyl or paper
  • Clear – Printed on transparent vinyl for a see-through background
  • Textured paper – Paper with a range of textures and tones to add a luxurious, hand-made effect
  • Metallic – Shiny silver, gold or multi-color metallic printing on vinyl
  • Window stickers – Printed on vinyl with permanent (long-term) or low-tack (temporary) adhesive

We also provide more specialist types, such as kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers for custom shapes.

Which type, or types, are you interested in?

The supply

By default, we supply stickers and labels on rolls. It generally makes them easier to transport and use for a wider range of purposes.

However, we can also supply stickers on sheets (DL, A5, A4 and A3), and also individually cut, for an optional extra charge.

How would you like yours supplied?

The size

While some have a specific size in mind, it’s quite common for people to be unsure about the exact size they need.

With labels, it’s often the case of measuring the fit to obtain the correct height and width dimensions. But with stickers, there can be a bit more flexibility.

That’s why we’ve created a separate article devoted entirely to this topic. You can read tips on how to choose a size for your stickers or labels here.


You may have a quantity in mind already, or you may have a set budget and would like to know how many stickers or labels you can receive for your money. Either approach is fine!

When ordering, you can list one quantity, a range or quantities, or state your budget where we’ll explain the quantity we can do for that price.

And remember that bulk discounts are active with all of our pricing. The more you order, the less per sticker or label you will pay. It could therefore be more cost-effective to order a bigger batch instead of multiple smaller batches.


If you have print-ready artwork, great! You can find specifications and requirements in our FAQ to make sure they match up.

If you’re using your own graphic designer, you can also send them our FAQ with the artwork requirements. Your designer will know exactly what to do.

If you don’t have your artwork yet, fear not! At Sticker Printing Direct, we have our own in-house design department. We’ll be more than happy to create a design for you based on your brief.